Open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics - Fundamentals

PhD course, AAU, Copenhagen Campus, 2021

Course in Open-source Computational Fluid Dynamics is a course for PhD students. The two-day course introduces students to OpenFOAM as a CFD tool and gives them hands-on experience in using OpenFOAM. The course is run together with Johan Rønby.

What is taught

  • Workflow with Docker and OpenFOAM
  • OpenFOAM-specific variables
  • Integration of Microsoft Visual Studio Code and OpenFOAM through Docker
  • Meshing using blockMesh
  • Meshing using snappyHexMesh
  • Boundary and initial conditions
  • Fluid properties and turbulence modelling
  • Solver settings and discretisation schemes
  • Data visualisation and animations with ParaView