OpenFOAM Days

Workshop, AAU, Aalborg Campus, 2020

OpenFOAM Days is an initiative to boost the OpenFOAM knowledge of 1st and 2nd year graduate students. The two-day workshop introduces students to OpenFOAM as a CFD tool and gives them hands-on experience in using OpenFOAM. The workshop runs until late evening and is concluded with pizza and talks from various local companies on how they use OpenFOAM in their daily workflow. The workshop is taught together with Anna L. Jensen.

What I taught

  • Running OpenFOAM in a Windows environment in WSL
  • Structure of OpenFOAM cases
  • blockMesh as a meshing tool and hands-on experience
  • Boundary condition types
  • Parallel simulations and hands-on experience with simple benchmarking cases
  • Function objects and postprocesssing
  • snappyHexMesh for meshing complex geometries from CAD files