Heat Transfer

Undergraduate course, AAU, Aalborg Campus, 2020

Heat transfer is an undergraduate course with focus on more advanced topics in heat transfer. The course is taught together with Torsten Berning.

New in 2020

Skipped the lecture about heat transfer mechanisms and included a lecture where the students are introduced to OpenFOAM as a tool in relation to transient heat transfer.

What I taught

  • Lumped system analysis and its applicability
  • Analytical solutions for transient heat transfer in simplified geometries including large plane walls, long cylinders and spheres
  • Analytical solutions for semi-infinite solids
  • Analytical solutions in multidimensional systems
  • Numerical heat transfer including the finite difference formulation and energy balance approach
  • Numerical, steady heat transfer for one-dimensional conduction
  • Numerical, transient heat transfer including explicit and implicit formulations, their advantages/disadvantages and the stability criterion for the explicit method
  • Practical introduction to OpenFOAM as a tool to analyse heat conduction problems with simple boundary conditions
  • Numerical, steady heat transfer for two-dimensional heat transfer
  • Heat exchanger types and the overall heat transfer coefficient
  • Analysis types of heat exchangers including the log mean temperature difference method and the effectiveness-NTU method